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Sustainability starts with saving resources, like time and money. Why pay someone else to help when you can do it yourself with a little bit of know-how? We are the tiny potato and we believe you can do the Thing.

This page is dedicated to spreading the know-how. We’re going to keep adding to it as stuff comes up that we think might be useful for people like us who want to DIY our world. Questions? Get in touch; our contact info is in the footer of our page.
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How to Take Your Measurements


And if a video is worth a thousand pictures; here’s 3,000 pictures. You can also find these and other vids on our Youtube channel, ConsciousElegance1:


How to Fit Your Toile:
(Using reclaimed bedsheets for the toile is Step 1 in creating a sustainable wedding dress!)



How to Lace Your Bodice: (Because eco-chic is in the details…and if you can’t be comfortable, why bother?)



How to Bustle Your Skirt (over 66,000 Youtube views at last count. We’re very proud of this!):


(What better way to cap off an eco wedding dress bustle than with rainforest-saving buttons?)

Green wedding knot

Once you have a garment, it might be worth finding ways to keep it on good condition rather than paying later to restore it or having to buy new stuff. We’ve been working on that…

How to Clean and Store Your Eco Wedding Dress

(we say ‘Eco Wedding Dress’ because cleaning and storage of natural fabrics is often different from petroleum-based fabrics)

How to Darn Socks

(I was SO PROUD when I learned how to do this!)

Our Ethical Pledge

The silk we use in our designs is either new hempsilk or reclaimed silk fabrics, repurposed from unwanted dresses which would have eventually ended up in a landfill. We believe that by giving pre-loved dresses a new life and extending their usefulness, we not only honor the initial sacrifice of the silkworms but we honor the laborers who wove the original fabric. We do this by reclaiming and re-using a resource that would otherwise be wasted.

Conscious Elegance Unique Eco Wedding Dresses

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