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Choosing your wedding dress is a very personal experience. We aim to make it fun or at least easy.

Order in 3 Easy Steps


Step 1 (suggested 9-12 months): Decisions!

Choose your design and fabrics. Let’s talk – we can always tweak a design your way, or create something new. If you’re not local to Boston, no problem. See below for how we deal with geography.

Want more info on the process? Here’s what to expect. If you have questions, get in touch (contact info in footer). We promise not to add you to any lists, or use your info to bug you later. We hate spam with the fire of a thousand suns.


Step Two (suggested 6-9 months): Communication!

Let us know when you’re ready to scheme. For measurements, see our how-to page for clear photos and advice. If you’re local, we can take your measurements for you. Visit our studio and we’ll take care of everything.

Timing: If possible, order a minimum of 8 weeks in advance of your delivery date (6 weeks if you can come to our Boston studio). Short on time? We can do a rush-order but there may be a surcharge if we’re already busy; see ‘Timing and Rush Orders’ in Our Policies for details.

We will create a test garment (toile) of your dress which will be tailored to you for a perfect fit. If you can’t come to us, we can send your toile to you and direct you to our instructional video on how to fit it. The video makes it super easy!

Step Three (suggested 2-4 months): Receive Your Dress!

We’ll keep you updated with emails and photos. In-studio fittings and alterations are all included in the dress price; there is no extra charge. Seriously.

When your dress is ready we’ll send it directly to your door. Or save the postage – come in for a final fitting (also no charge) and take your dress home with you.

Questions? Contact Us! Our info is in the footer below.

Our Ethical Pledge

The silk we use in our designs is either new hempsilk or reclaimed silk fabrics, repurposed from unwanted dresses which would have eventually ended up in a landfill. We believe that by giving pre-loved dresses a new life and extending their usefulness, we not only honor the initial sacrifice of the silkworms but we honor the laborers who wove the original fabric. We do this by reclaiming and re-using a resource that would otherwise be wasted.

Conscious Elegance Unique Eco Wedding Dresses

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