Our Mission

To create gorgeous fun-to-wear, eco-chic wedding attire at a fair price. Sustainability, social responsibility, & affordability are our priorities and reflected in every aspect of our business. We partner with our clients to honor their values & give truly exceptional service. At Conscious Elegance we are committed to creating Safe Space and strongly believe that everyone should have the right to marry, regardless of self-identity, gender expression or sexual preference. It’s so rare and beautiful when people find each other. We support love in its many forms among consenting adults and we welcome and respect clients of all kinds and all bodies. Please see our Inclusion Policy for details.


I’m a third-generation dressmaker and have been a seamstress for over *cough* 28 years. I can still remember planning my wedding. There was lots of compromise (always!) but one thing I would not compromise was the dress. That dress was mine, all mine. It was the only bit that would be completely my choice. And my choice was not only going to be gorgeous, but eco friendly and socially responsible. My dress would be in harmony with both the earth and my values. I was glad to let someone else create my dress and support a fellow artist, but was a real challenge to find a truly ethical business that gave back to the earth instead of robbing it and didn’t support sweatshops or factories. I knew that there had to be others like me out there who cared about the footprints they leave. I wanted to be the change I wished to see and the idea for Conscious Elegance was born.


Our business espouses Zero Waste Principles. We use exclusively 100% certified organic cottons, pesticide-free hempsilk blends, and reclaimed materials in our dressmaking. We offer new fabric options with the highest percentage of plant fiber that we can find, to be kindest to our fellow fauna. We use certified organic cotton thread in all of our garments (very rare, even in eco-dressmaking!) and our private label is sewn on certified organic cotton. Our garments are individually created in private studios, by fiber artists who are living their Dream.

Conscious Elegance organic wedding dress Chelsea on the catwalk

Making a Stand

In 2006, I finally took the plunge and created a dress business when my beautiful friend, who had been shopping in traditional wedding boutiques, was made to feel like she did not have the right to have a gorgeous wedding dress because of her size. She cried on my shoulder for an hour. I decided right there and then that I wanted to create the most fabulous dress ever for her. The resulting dress was exactly what she wanted and her happiness informed my choice to offer this service to anyone and everyone. Although we’ve taken a public stand on our support for models of all sizes, I hadn’t until now spoken out on body-shaming issues here or on our Etsy shop ‘About’ page out of respect for her privacy. With her permission, it is time to come forward. Our studio is a Safe Space and there will be no shaming of any kind; every body is beautiful and we pledge to work with our clients to help to create the dress of their dreams.


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