Not sure who can notice this, probably lots of folks, depending on the browser and/or device that you’re using. But the latest WordPress upgrade totally FUBAR’d my website. How could this happen, you cry in anguish?

Best I can figure out, the folks who created this site in wordpress a few years ago used a responsive theme but then monkeyed with it enough to create a child theme. And this theme was no longer quite so responsive. I had to get someone else to create a mobile-phone friendly version, which worked ok. But as time went on, new WordPress updates were throwing things out of whack more and more. Stuff wouldn’t lay out correctly and more than once, the top nav disappeared completely.

Translation? I need a new website, one that can actually be responsive to different devices and grow with updates. And I’m going to do it myself this time, comma dammit. That way, if/when it breaks, I can fix it. Or at least, will know who to ask.

But at the moment, I’m preparing for an Art Show in January (will you be in Boston? Come to Arisia!) Wedding dress stuff will just have to wait.

In the meantime, here, have a picture. This is one of the new art pieces that will be on display at the show:

Lori Del Genis of Conscious Elegance creates portraits on commission

Gotta love Dani…


‘I claim no ownership of the characters used in this piece. All rights to ‘Game of Thrones’ belong to the creator, George R.R. Martin, as well as HBO Productions.

Will be back soon; hopefully there will be a new website following me before long…

Be well

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