Hi all!

I’ve been added to Montrie Adams’ fabulous website, Just Do Your Dream! It’s exciting to know that other folks are living their dreams too.

And yet, it’s not lost on me that there’s a whole bunch of Privilege wrapped up in this. Not many people in the world have the chance, or can make the chance, to just live their Dream. How many people need to focus on getting themselves and their families enough food, warmth and safety to live until the next day? I am stupidly, absurdly blessed.

I really am:

Lori Del Genis of Conscious Elegance helps her client into her custom-made wedding gown

Captured in mid-squee. Photo by Karina Picache of Oh, Karina!

To those given much, much shall be expected. I’m going to give back to the world in every way I can. Keep watching this space to see what I come up with.

Be well all


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