Several weeks have gone by since our last post. Two months filled with CREATING FABULOUS PRETTY PRETTY DRESSES. Yeah, that had to be in all caps.

It’s been surprisingly busy for this time of year; we had 2 weddings (= 3 brides) within one week of each other. Maybe Fall weddings have become A Thing?

Here’s a preview of what we’ve been doing instead of blogging!

Conscious Elegance brides wearing the newest wedding dress designs

Dani and Carolyn beckon to their bridal party – come on over!



Conscious Elegance bride Renee at her personal fitting in our Boston-area studio

A fitting for Renee’s fabulous dress! (and wow did it turn out fabulous – you’ll see)

I’m still in the process of getting photos together for the ‘Love’ page testimonials and also for new design pages – these new creations will be available next season. There might need to be a photoshoot or two first, though.

Does anyone have thoughts about what else should be added to the new design offerings for next season?

Hope that all is good where ever you are…more stuff coming in the fullness of time.

Be well all



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