Holee Cow. It’s getting into late September and the weather has FINALLY gotten cooler. Seriously, we had temps in the high 80’s last week. The leaves haven’t changed at all. In fact, they haven’t changed even all the way north to Vermont and Canada (I know this because I was just there). It’s freaky; like endless summer. The Fall smell hasn’t happened yet either.

But it’s been busy over here. Our studio is now up and running and in full swing. Come and see!

The front door beckons dramatically…this is how things have been shaping up.

Conscious Elegance Eco Wedding Dress Studio - the door beckons dramatically!

The studio has been growing in response to the stimuli of the dress commissions I’ve been working on. There’s still three to do. The weddings are happening within a week of each other, which makes things um, interesting.


Meanwhile, here’s a view of the work table:

Conscious Elegance Eco Wedding Dress Studio - our worktable is never empty

Having a studio in a turret? OMGOMGOMG.


Looking into the back half of the studio (remember the chandelier?):

Conscious Elegance Eco Wedding Dress Studio and a sneak peek of another current project

I took this pic with my crappy cell phone; apologies! What’s that on the dress form? A new design. Just wait till you see it later. It’s going to be FAB-U-LOUS.


Here’s a view of another one of the dresses we’re working on, as it takes shape on the dress form. Ain’t it gorgeous?

Conscious Elegance Eco Wedding Dress Studio and a sneak peek of our current project

It’s going to be a costume replica of a Dr. Who character. Whovians will probably figure it out. (does that term date me? Maybe).


::runs off to work on pretty pretty dresses::
::will post more later::

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