Gotta rant.

A buddy sent me this, saying how glad she was that the dress prices on my website are put out there. right up front:

Yeah, it’s true that brides/weddings can be a huge PITA and often demand extra time and attention. But some wedding professionals overcharge, just because they can. This is not ok. In fact, it sucks.


Just found out that a friend of my partner’s daughter (to be referred to as ‘Bride2Be’) was royally screwed by a certain well-known Big Box Wedding Chain. According to the account related to me, B2B found a dress that worked for her but the size was too big. They took photos of her in the dress with the extra pinned out of the way and then she had measurements taken and her dress ordered.

Flash forward several weeks; the dress arrived and it didn’t fit. Like, at all. The B2B showed them the photo that they took, saying that this was how the dress was supposed to fit. And the employee snapped back, ‘well, that’s a model. Everyone is different and you can’t expect the dress to look the same on everyone’. The picture *was* of her.

And now she’s screwed; the wedding dress chain folks apparently are saying that they did what was ordered and won’t fix the dress. The wedding is in a few weeks. Not sure what the B2B will do. THIS is why I create dresses for people. This sort of thing has never and would never happen to my clients who come in for personal fittings. My clients don’t pay until they are completely satisfied with their dress. And to my knowledge, they always have been. And if there’s something I can fix, I’ll fix it.

End rant.

(PS – I know I re-used a photo from a previous post. But it seemed appropriate. We are the Eye of the Wedding Industry Storm).

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