How long since last posting? Eep. Okay, it’s been a month. Because reasons.

[takes a deeeep breath]


We found the house on April 1st (no foolin’) and it took a while for all the paperwork and inspections and stuff to happen. Anyone who’s bought a house can tell you: you’ll despair of it ever finally being real. But it is! It is!

When we first took possession of the house, the space that was to be the studio (the front parlor, in the turret. OMG WE HAVE A STUDIO IN A TURRET.) wasn’t really conducive to pretty pretty dresses. For one thing, the walls were this gold-mustardy color. Regal not bridal. And the paint on the trim was sad and chipped. There was spiffying to be done.

So this post is going to be about what we had to do to make this our Creative Space. We were totally going to do this ourselves. DIY means we can do whatever we wanna, and do it cheap. Because money is a resource too and we’re all about saving resources.

Here’s how the room looked when we took possession of the house:

Conscious Elegance Eco Wedding Dress Studio - how it looked when we moved in

Mustard walls. Seriously. Admittedly, it did look good when the previous occupant’s furniture was in it. The colors were all gold and burgundy and looked very regal for a front parlor. Not bridal, though. Not even a little. We had work to do.

Conscious Elegance Eco Wedding Dress Studio - taping the trim

Here’s the room viewed from the other side, with the formal dining room in the background which would become the back studio. You can see the paint swatches on the wall, to give me an idea of what color looked best. I’d been advised to look at the swatches at different times of day, to be sure that I liked the color in every light. Except that this room was in a turret. Have you ever seen the light in a turret? Every wall is at a different angle, so every wall has a different light. Le sigh.

The blue tape is the stuff that is meant to keep the paint off of where you don’t want it. I also use it for art-purposes; maybe there will be a post on that sometime.

I chose a color which best matched the adjoining room and set to painting, with the help of some buddies. I love my friends.

Conscious Elegance Eco Wedding Dress Studio - the painting has begun part two

Here’s the other view:

Conscious Elegance Eco Wedding Dress Studio - the painting has begun!

It’s looking like a totally different room!

Taking the tape off (carefully so there’s no unintended paint removal):

Conscious Elegance Eco Wedding Dress Studio - removed the tape from the trim

Then cleaning up the other stuff:

Conscious Elegance Eco Wedding Dress Studio - removed the tarp

It looks marvelous! ::happydance::

And now we’ve moved in some equipment and stuff. It looks different in daylight – even brighter and airier. Awesome.

Conscious Elegance Eco Wedding Dress Studio - we've brought in some tools and equipment

and here’s the back room, no longer a formal dining room. We kept the chandelier:

Conscious Elegance Eco Wedding Dress Studio - back room of studio which was the formal dining room

There’s lots more settling in to be done, but that will come in time. For now, we have our new studio. IN A TURRET.

Back to dress stuff next time…

Be well

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