Ok, dressage has a different meaning around here. I know, it’s a horse thing. But I like to make it a dress thing. I like to make everything a dress thing.

Back to Sara’s dress. When we last left, we had just pinned and sewn together the pieces of the shell (reclaimed silk satin) and the lining (unbleached bamboo). Here’s what that looked like when it was all sewn and pressed:

The pieces of the shell (made from reclaimed silk satin) are sewn together and draped on the dress form.

It’s starting to look like a dress! And geez, that silk satin is really gorgeous.

Next, we needed to make a bodice band, the colored bit that goes around the top of the bodice. Sara had requested the dark brown chocolately espresso hempsilk, which is deep and rich and we love it. I happened to have a party dress design that had been retired that was made of the same shade of hempsilk, so I used a bit of it. Reclaimed hempsilk – the Ultimate in Sustainable!

Here we go:

We lay our pattern piece onto a scrap of fabric reclaimed from a former dress

The pattern piece looks a bit intricate – it’s a multi-sized piece. Saves material and storage space to make 3 pattern pieces in one!

Next, we cut it out. You see the wrong side of the fabric here:

the new piece is cut out in duplicate (there's a second layer below)

Sewn and turned right side out and pressed:

view of bodice band: the pieces are sewn together, turned and pressed

So now we have our bodice band. Shiny. But we still need to add our label to the lining before the dress parts can be assembled. We love our labels – had them made for us with unbleached organic cotton. Along with the organic cotton thread we use, we can make *totally* pesticide-free organic-material dresses! So cool.

We pin the label into the seam allowance of the lining. Here’s what it looks like on the outside which is really the inside (keeping up?):

Our label, which is printed on unbleached organic cotton (yay!) is pinned into place.

and once sewn and turned right side out, it looks like this:

View of our label now sewn into the lining seam

It’s time to put the dress together. Next post…

Be well all

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