Oh, geez, look at the calendar. Why haven’t I posted in so long? There’s this matter of moving to our permanent studio (YAAAAAAY) and that’s been eating most of the available brain for a while. There will be an entire accounting of that, promise.

But for now, there’s been a gorgeous dress to create. Here’s the next installment on how that’s all going:

Here are the skirts removed from their bodicen (plural of ‘bodice’; just sounds better to me):

The skirts have been removed from the bodices

and next we press out all of those nasty wrinkles from time in storage:

Ironing out the creases in the skirts from months of storage

Pressing the fabric also gives us a much better view of what’s clean and where there might be smudges or stains. These are reclaimed dresses, after all. They’ve seen some living and they’ve seen some love.

Next we lay out the fabric onto our work surface (the floor is easier than a table and we keep it spiffy-clean):

Skirt pieces pressed and laid out on the floor

Loooook at all the lovely silk!


And we lay our individualized pattern pieces onto it:

Pattern pieces laid into the reclaimed silk

Then we cut them out:

Pattern pieces cut from the reclaimed silk


Meanwhile, there’s the lining to create. This fabric will be new and not reclaimed, which changes the process a bit.

We don’t need to prep this fabric, only cut it from the bolt. Here’s the bolt:

A roll of the material we'll use for the lining

and here are the pieces laid out on it:

Cut silk pieces laid out onto the lining

We get busy with the scissors and now we have all of our pieces!

Cut silk pieces and cut lining pieces

Time for basic construction. We pin with all the pins ever:

Cut silk pieces pinned together

And sew it all together.

Let’s stop there; we’ve got more packing up to do!

See you sooooooon

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