Because I apparently need more creative outlets than making spiffy dresses, I draw. I’ve done portraits for friends and clients, but I never thought I’d see my stuff in a gallery. SQUEEEEEE!


Here’s my stuff, before they put it up on the wall. Photo taken with the gallery’s permission. You can see the gallery in the background, intentionally out of focus so as not to post anyone else’s art without *their* permission.

Conscious Elegance eco wedding dress designer Lori Del Genis preps her 2D art at a gallery in Cambridge, MA.

Ready for hanging…


I got a placement on a back wall, near the bathroom and the doggie dishes. OMG is that the best location *evar*? There’s only one loo in the gallery and people waiting for it? Will be looking at my stuff. People who care about the gallery’s resident doggies? Will see the food dishes and think ‘awww’, right there all over my stuff. This is great. Any other place in the gallery, people just wander through.

Conscious Elegance eco wedding dress designer Lori Del Genis shows off her 2D art at a gallery in Cambridge, MA.

My Preciousssss….


Gotta love prints...I actually do love making them.

I’d dropped the portraits off back a few Thursdays ago, then returned on Friday to retrieve some extras. Then a week later I went back there to show a friend who was visiting from London. Just more awesome.

But not merely. I’ve met new extremely cool people, like Hope, who is one of the gallery managers. I mentioned to her that I needed to head back home to cut a mock-up for a dress commission and she nodded understandingly, no questions asked. Hope is a fellow maker who assembles paper maché masks in one corner of her studiospace and keeps an old trashpicked industrial sewing machine in another. And she Gets It. Hope creates what she needs to create because she needs to create it. And now she’s a new person I know. This makes me verrah happy.

Next post will take us back to dressmaking…probably.

Be well, all


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