We’ve been working on wedding gowns for the 2015 season. Yeah, there’s this move thing that we’ll be doing in June. But for now, the dress creation continues!

Here’s our lovely Sara, who drove down from Burlington, VT. It was awesome to meet her in person. She’s wearing the toile for her chosen gown: Johanna.

Sara is smiling pretty and wearing her fitted toile made from reclaimed bedsheets.

What a great smile.


Besides the personal fitting (no extra charge; just bring yer body), we chatted over tea and I took notes, like the geek that I am:

We start out with notes from our face-to-face meeting and personal fitting

We also went up to the attic to play among the reclaimed dresses that I’ve been gathering. Sara found two of the same dress (very rare to find two! I was so jazzed) which will supply plenty of gorgeous silk satin fabric. Since different silks have different tones, we took the dresses outside to be sure that the silk white worked for her in natural light. Yup, the fabric looked gorgeous indeed. It was time to give the dresses new life.

But the first thing we needed to do was to rend the toile. This would become her own personal dress pattern, fit precisely to her:

Dress mock-up pieces now ready to be laid onto the fabric

Ready for action…


Meanwhile, we needed to prepare the dresses themselves. That takes a bit of fun destruction.

Starting to rip the reclaimed dresses apart

And so it begins…

Seam rippers are lovely things.


We’ll continue the story when we next return…

Be well

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