Last weekend, I got to head out to the 2nd Annual Craft My Wedding event ( Why would I do this? Because one of my clients went last year and said (I quote) ‘Oh you TOTALLY have to show at this event! Your stuff is PERFECT for them!’. Well, then. With the upcoming move I really wasn’t going to be able to put together a good showing this year, and no way would I not show my best, so I decided that this year I would go for a reconnaissance mission. Would this show be awesome enough for my stuff to be seen here?

Answer: Oh hell yes.

The show focuses on small, local businesses who Get It. Who aren’t part of the Big Wedding Industrial Machine. Who are Unique and Creative and Real.

Here are some piccies, courtesy of Chelsea, the show’s Alpha, and Sarah Dugan, the official photographer:

overhead view of wedding show

Looook at all the peoples!

And I met some awesome people!

Here’s Nina, who makes gorgeous veils and fascinators and to whom I might just bequeath my silk fabric scraps. A shame she doesn’t have a website:

Hi, Nina!

And here’s Jess and co., who were all completely awesome and hand-make beautiful jewelry (

Oooh the Shiny

Oooh the Shiny

and here is Sara, whose company Heritage Food Truck Catering Co. ( makes amazing field-to-table small farm locally-sourced food:

Sara from HeritageFoodTruck catering company

Oh GEEZ their food is yummy

I had a fabulous time and I hope that Chelsea does the show next year. If she does, I plan to be there.

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