We’re in the middle of negotiating to buy our new house, in which would be our new studio. I don’t want to say anything specific or post photos yet in case we don’t buy it; we still need the contractor to come in and take a look-see for whatever repairs it might need. But OMG it’s exciting. Also time-consuming. But it’s important to us to stay sustainable and part of that is to not shell out ridiculous amounts of money for retail space. People can come to our studio like they always have.

So here you go: I’ll post a fun photo in the meantime as a sort-of placeholder.

We apparently live the vertical life here

Looook how colorful! It’s all sustainable fabric too!

That’s part of what our temporary studio looks like now. We’re all hoping to move into our permanent spot Real Soon Now.

::crossing all fingers and toes and eyes::

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