So. I’ve got alerts set up; if someone posts something online about ‘eco-friendly wedding dresses’ or the like, I know about it*. It’s a pretty awesome way to keep tabs (okay, snoop) on what’s going on in Internetsland.


And so I found that a blogger had written about eco wedding dresses, like ya do. It’s that time of year. But the designers she found? One was great, the others were meh. Big deal, they make their dresses out of hempsilk. Anyone can buy hempsilk these days – I sell it on Etsy all the time. If that’s what floated this blogger’s boat, it was her show. And she was quite a good writer.


But I was curious. So I pinged and asked her where she’d found these designers (simple google search is the usual reply). She wrote back pretty quickly and was awesome enough to tell me that she’d seen my stuff and would have included it, but for the images. Some were on a dark background (that’s apparently a no-no for many wedding blogs), some were outdated (well, yeah, the ‘Hit Parade’ dresses will be older. It takes time to become a best-seller). But the biggest issue? My images weren’t large enough. Wow. Really?


Ok, then. That’s easy to fix. So I’ve been going through the website, page by page, and switching the 750 tall pics for much bigger ones. It doesn’t really make a difference on what ya’ll see on the website, but the pics will be better for blogs. And Pinterest. We all love Pinterest.
But in going through my image stashes, I’m finding that there are pics that never made it to the website. Awesome pics that really should be out there. Pics like this:

Lori laces Melanie into her dress for the photoshoot

That is my Creative Artist Hat.

Yes, she is *really* tall. I think she was wearing heels, but not very high ones. Yes, she has a tat. Yes, she is that gorgeous IRL.

And then there’s this pic:

Detail of 'Mara' bodice from Conscious Elegance. The speck of dust on the camera lens looks like a halo.

which makes Mel look all holy from that speck of dust on the camera lens. She’s fabulous enough and could totally be a saint for what she puts up with. Like this:

Model Melanie is very cold!

Because it was freakin’ cold that day. The wind kept blowing up her skirt.


I’m going to be adding more pics to my ‘Design Ideas’ page, as I find them. There should be some gems among them.

Go forth and pin!)


*I also have alerts set up for my name, my business name, and gay weddings. Because these are important things.

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