Ok, so you’ve ordered a dress with us. Or maybe you want to but you have no idea what comes next and that’s sorta nervous-making. Well, yeah. That’s understandable. A wedding dress can be a Big Thing, especially if you’ve been dreaming about this for a long time.

You’ve read the How To Order page and maybe you have some more questions. Or want more details. Well, then. Here’s the process we’ve crafted over the past 9 years:


6-12 months before the wedding: 1) Contact us. Email us and let us know a general overview of what you’d like and when you’d like it. Usually we recommend a delivery date of at least six weeks before your wedding, to give you time for any fine-tuning if need be. If you want your dress at a different time, let us know.


2) Next, we talk about it: You tell us more about what design you like or maybe what you’d like if we tweaked it, like if we made the skirt narrower or nixed the train or added straps.¬† Or maybe you have something else in mind that we haven’t come up with yet. Awesome. We talk, we shmooze.


6-9 months before the wedding: 3a) Fitting Option 1: If you’re local to Bostonia, we set up a time for taking measurements and pow-wow about your dress. This might also be the time where we fit your toile to you, if you’re already clear on your design. You can decide on which materials you want at this time too; you can play in our attic with us and look through our racks of reclaimed dresses and see our bolts of hempsilk. Feel free to bring a friend or mum or fianc√© to help you decide on fabrics. If you need to bring a whole cadre, let us know and we’ll do what we can to fit everyone in.


6-9 months before the wedding: 3b) Fitting Option 2: If you’re not local to Bostonia, we can create a toile of your design (also called a mock-up) and send it to your doorstep. You can have it fit to you then send it back. We made a video to help:


How to Fit Your Toile:

My hands were in good form that day.


But what does a toile actually look like? It’ll look like your dress, only simpler and we make it out of reclaimed bedsheets. Here’s a mock-up of the ‘Caroline’ design:


Mock-up (toile) for the Caroline wedding dress design

Reclaimed bedsheets never looked so good.

4) 4-6 months before the wedding: Destruction and Re-Birth:
Once the toile is fitted to you, we go to work. We rip it all apart again (we are Destroyer-Goddesses) and use the pieces as your individual pattern. Like this:

Pieces of the Caroline toile laid out on the dress fabric

The tropical shift adds just the right touch of whimsy

The turquoise dress was there because the client for whom we were making the dress wanted the neckline to be just like that turquoise dress and lent it to use as a pattern. We can totally do stuff like that; that’s the beauty of having your dress custom-made.


2-4 months before the wedding: 5) Fine-Tuning: Once your dress is finished, it’s ready for a final fitting. That’s all part of the service and is at no extra cost from us. If you’re local, come on over. Feel free to bring that friend or mum or cadre again. You can take your dress home with you and save the expense (and worry!) of delivery.

If you aren’t local to Boston, then we can send your dress to you by whatever service you choose. You can find someone local to you who can make any fine-tuning tweaks. If your dress has a lace-up back panel, that usually makes a lot of those alteration needs go away.


All along the journey, we can send you pictures of your dress in process to keep you posted on how things are going. That’s where the photos above came from. We’re here and we’re happy to answer questions anytime.

Easy? Yeah.

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