OMG. Have you all seen this? [click through to see the article]

Unless you’re into degradation (and that’s fine if you are; YKIOK) there’s no freakin’ reason why anyone should put themselves through an experience like this.


Here’s a better way to approach it. [again, click through]

This is where there could be lots of happytalk (“Here at Conscious Elegance, we would NEVER…”). Well of course we wouldn’t do stuff like that. On the level of common decency, most people wouldn’t. I won’t deny that we’ve come across this kind of thing before, in fact that’s why I finally created this company in the first place (see Making a Stand on our ‘About’ page). And we’re pretty emphatic about making Safe Space for everyone. That’s everyone, no matter what shape, size or bits they might sport. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have 2 weddings (4 dresses) and I have some fabulous dresses to design – without the critical commentary.

Seriously, WTF.


Let’s end with this. It’s pretty much the same level of absurdity. And she’s totally photoshopped. Very few healthy people are that skinny.

Model standing on a stone island in the middle of the water, fully dressed. We think she was airlifted.

How did she get here? Was she airlifted?

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