Hello all!

It’s a new season. Let’s ignore all the snow that New England is getting hammered with, the most recent installment being yesterday. Actually, no let’s not. This blog is about what I’ve been up to, yes? Let’s have some pretty piccies for Posterity and all:

Unbelievable amts of snow in the back yard.

Yes, I shoveled this. Repeatedly over the course of the storm. Hear me roar.

What the piccie doesn’t show is that I also shoveled out behind the cars, where managing the ever-growing berm was a task in itself. I never knew the word ‘berm’ til I lived here. Luckily, a kind neighbor with a snow-blower was good enough to help me out a bit. I’m going to make him a batch of homemade crunchy gluten-free toffee.

I haven’t done anything yet on the other side of the house:


All the snow ever sits in the front yard.

There is a front walk under there somewhere.

Really, with all the winds howling yesterday, shoveling this part would have been a waste of time. The snow just fills in again. It’s enough to make angels weep. Looking out at all that, it’s hard to believe that someday it will all be melted and gone. There will be a good strawberry crop this year. I squee.

Where was my husband in all of this? Back at our house. I’m actually kitty-sitting for the friends who live here but who needed to go out of town. Josie is an elderly kitty and we didn’t know if we’d be able to get out to feed her after the storm started. It’s a good thing I stayed here too; all flights back to Boston were canceled yesterday. Today is the Day of the Dig Out. I did the best I could; they’ll have to do the rest when they come home.

Do I have dresses and other stuff to work on while the snow melts? Yes. Am I glad that we’re here and not Florida? Yes. When the heat is merciless and summer sets in (Aprilish – I’ve lived in FL) it’ll be your turn to wish you were here.

There will be more by way of sewing stuff soon…but for now we shovel. And dream of Spring.

Be well all ~ Lori

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