We get lots of questions about our lacing panel; it’s our own design and we offer it in every dress we make. It’s such a great thing – it looks really good and interesting from the back, which is what people will be looking at anyway all that time while you’re standing up there making your vows.

But even better – if your dimensions change a bit before the event, it’s no big deal. You likely won’t need another fitting, just adjust the laces. Saves a ton of headache.

So, how do we do it?

We start with all the parts: first, there’s ribbon that we create in-house from the same fabric as the dress, so it matches exactly:

Strips of hempsilk fabric from the Rose eco-wedding dress about to be made into ribbon for the lacing panel

And then along with the ribbon, we have lots of parts:

Hempsilk ribbon and unbleached organic cotton fabric about to be made into the lacing panel for the Rose eco-wedding dress

We attach the ribbon securely to the anchor strip:

Hempsilk ribbon for the Rose eco-wedding dress secured to unbleached organic cotton anchor strips

And then the loops are enclosed into unbleached organic cotton casing:

Hempsilk ribbon loops encased within unbleached organic cotton satin for the Rose eco-wedding dress

Voila! The panels are finished!

Completed Conscious Elegance lacing panels

This is how the panels look before we insert them into our dresses.

More next time, as our dress continues…

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