…there were all of these grandiose plans for doing regular updates. I was going to write up these really fun how-we-does-it installments every week and there would be much rejoicing.

And stuff did progress and the dress did get finished on time and it’s gorgeous. It was a joy to create and I’m really looking forward to seeing photos of the bride on her day. You’ll see photos too, eventually.

SO, better late than never. Lettuce ketchup.

Here’s a pic of the dress pieces, all cut out and pinned together:

Eco wedding dress 'Rose' by Conscious Elegance is in pieces and pinned together


Want a close-up? Here’s a close-up. I like seeing how stuff is put together and I’m guessing that I’m not alone. Pretty simple:
Close-up of pinned seams in the 'Rose' eco-wedding dress by Conscious Elegance

After sewing all those seams, I like spreading the dress out and admiring the drape. Looook at the draaaape:

Pattern pieces for the 'Rose' eco wedding dress now sewn together

Ok, *I* like seeing the dress like this. It’s starting to act like a dress and not just pieces of fabric.

Meanwhile, we’re looking pointedly at the lining and the fact that it still needs cutting out. Here are the toile pieces laid out on the unbleached organic cotton sateen that we love to use:
Toile pieces from the 'Rose' eco wedding dress are now laid onto the organic cotton lining fabric

And since I suspect that you’ve caught on to the process and don’t need to see stuff pinned together again, here’s the lining all put together and serged and on the dress form, with a ribbon to mark the waist:

The assembled organic cotton lining for the 'Rose' eco-wedding dress

Why is there a coffee jar on one of the shoulders? There will be ‘splaining in the next posting.

Have a fabulous week…

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