…and we’re back after adventures involving cosplay and art shows and sci-fi cons and I dressed up as Merida again. [Note to self: must remember that I created that costume to wear in drafty event halls in Boston during the winter. Wearing that costume in Baltimore during Memorial Day Weekend was a completely different story.]

But now we’re in the studio, starting up on a new dress project: A beautiful ‘Rose’ for our friend Jen, who’s been writing to me about her dream dress, aka ‘Rose’, for literally years now. I’m having trouble doing the spiffy linkage so I’ll just give our page here:


She’s really fun to make, that Rose. We’re starting the way we usually start, with a toile. Also called a ‘muslin’ but since I make them out of reclaimed bedsheets not muslin, I feel that calling it a muslin might be slightly inaccurate. Maybe ‘mock-up’ is a better term.

But…pictures or it didn’t happen. Here are the pattern pieces we’ve created, laid atop an old yellow fitted sheet that had been loved so much and used for so long that it tore.  I was able to save it from the landfill and now it has a new life as a dress pattern. I’ll bet it never suspected it would be something so different in its next incarnation.

Isn't this a great use for old bedsheets?

Laying the pattern pieces onto the bedsheets


Once the pieces were cut, they were folded along with the pattern to keep them fresh and minimally wrinkled…

The pattern pieces look all neat and tidy. I love that.

Pieces are cut and folded to make marking them easier


Pieces now pinned together…you can see the dress taking shape:

Seriously easy sewing...

Almost looks like a dress in itself, donnit?


We like to serge the edges to keep the seams strong and intact; the serging gets removed later when we take the pieces apart again:

a serged edge close-up

A neat serged edge. Ain’t it pretty?


And now the toile (mock-up) is ready to be wrapped and sent off:

Mock-up is ready to wrap up and go

Mock-up is ready to wrap up and go


We included straps and lots of safety pins to make the fitting easier. More on the fitting process later. We’ll check in with this dress process once we’ve got the toile back from Jen. In the meantime, there’s more to come…

Be well all!  ~ Lori

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