I’ve been sighing for some Inspiration (we’ve all been there) and a friend of mine offers a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts. Now that I’m a Bostonian, it’s sort of a moral obligation, right, or maybe a creative one? It was one of those trips where we were crying repeatedly, WHY ARE WE NOT CREATING MORE ART?

Turns out that the museum allows photos so long as you don’t use a flash. All-righty, then. I wanted to take photos of FABRIC. Quelle surprise. But not actual fabric; I wanted to find fabric rendered in 2D like on a painting. I have a thing about that. I also have a thing about marble statues with really good drapings, but I didn’t focus on that on this trip. (get it? focus?)

Instead, I snapped photos wildly of ALL THE PAINTED DRESSES with my trusty cel phone. Like this

Glowy silk...

Glowy silk…loving the baby too. So QWOOT.

and this. Can’t you just hear the satin rustle? ::swooons::

Can just reach in and touch it...

Can just reach in and touch it…


Is this not gold lamé?

There were tons of others, but when I got back and downloaded the pictures, I found that I’d been too excited to take photos of the names of the paintings.  Apparently I’m losing my brain.

I did take one photo with an attribution. This one was of linen:

Conscious Elegance Museum of FineArts 1

and the oh so helpful description:

Conscious Elegance Museum of FineArts 2

I never found the owl in the picture. Can you find the owl? I think it was just a PR stunt.

This weekend there will be 2D art and squee. More later about that….

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