Happy Cinco de Mayo! We’re back to posting now. It’s been, what, a couple of weeks?

Wait, months?

Well, there’s a reason; if you’ve been reading along you already know: we’ve moved. We’ve moved *everything* ever.  Not just across town, but over 400 miles away. If you’ve ever moved that far, you know of what I speak. I’m calling it An Adventure. This is also called ‘Euphemism’.  I actually found a draft of a post about the whole moving process, which I thought I posted…then Stuff happened…and got packed away…and then I found it when I was looking for something else…and *that*, my dears, is the experience of moving in a nutshell.

But let’s have some show and tell. Here’s what the studio looked like before we started making it Pretty and Ours:


The spare toilet really gives it that extra charm…

Then we got Busy:

That carpet was totally freecycled...

Sooo much nicer… add a couple of throw pillows…

Those white plastic-wrapped thingy’s that the seating bench is leaning on? Dress forms. We wrapped them up in reclaimed plastic packaging we’d saved up. Seemed appropriate. And that cardboard box in the right-hand corner? That’s our wood-framed oval mirror that swivels. I like to play with it so it’s staying in the box for now to keep me out of trouble.

Here’s a close-up of the PRETTY PRETTY FABRIC:

We apparently live the vertical life here

Looook how colorful! It’s all sustainable fabric too! Hempsilks galore!

And even the city says we’re OFFICIAL!

Yeah, I made lots of copies.

We have a gold seal of Woburn approval. SO PROUD we are.

::does the Official New Location Dance::

Now what mischief can we get into?

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