This was a draft that I wrote up…erm…a few weeks ago. I’m posting it now and trying not to feel reeeelly sheepish…

Stuff and things are happening. I would say ‘finally’ happening, since we’ve been waiting for a while. My spoose accepted a job in Burlington, Massachusetts and we’re moving. Which means the studio and dresses are moving too.

This is wicked exciting – I’ve been wanting to come back to Boston since Spoose finished with his post-doc in the UK in 2009. We’d left Boston in 2006 and spent 3 years in Durham, England. If you haven’t heard of Durham, think ‘Hogwarts’. Because a lot of the Hogwarts scenes in the first 2 Harry Potter movies were filmed in Durham Cathedral:

This is what we see when the train pulls in. OMG.

Iconic view of Durham Cathedral from the train station.

I actually got to pass that Cathedral every day, just to go into the town center. We didn’t have a car, so we walked everywhere. It was a totally different world, at a walking pace. There were months were I hadn’t been in a motor vehicle. Getting a ride anywhere, by bus or car, was too weird. It didn’t feel quite right to be moving so fast. I learned a lot that year.

Wanna see a part of the Cathedral where they filmed lots of Harry Potter scenes?

It must have been so much fun to film movies here.

Outside of McGonagall’s classroom. (Did you hear? Harry Potter is the new seeker!)

And the studio we had was really fun. Small, and kind of bare, but that’s the way they roll over there. No offense (offence) to the Brits, but it’s totally true.

Here’s part of the Durham studio, in the background:


I wonder what it looks like now?

You kind of have to look beyond the dress…

See the stuff drying on the radiator? That is *so* British.

But I digress. After 3+ years, the post-doc was finished. Spoose accepted a job in State College, PA. Which, like Durham, is a beautiful place far from any large city. Low pollution, low crime, low cost of living. And the weather, well:

No, we're not kidding.

This was a real screenshot of the weathermap

I am so not making this up.

Here’s a view of the State College Studio. We had expanded:

I loved that carpet...

Look at all the Stuuufff…

The sewing table was behind me when I took that photo. Many of the dresses you see hanging from the rack were reclaimed wedding dresses that we got from eBay. They were unloved and unwanted and we’ve made gorgeous dressses out of them.

And here’s a view from the front porch of our new house…where we’d sip mint juleps…


So really looked like that this time of year.

::hums theme from ‘Gone with the Wind’::

Sounds ilyllic, yes? Well, no. We were absurdly far from friends and family. Sure, we made new friends. But in a very small town, where people keep to themselves, it was lonely. Boston is where we wanted to be.

Stay tuned for the next post…coming to you Live from Boston. We’re actually already here now, but I want to write it up all nice and pretty. For now, though –




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