I don’t know what the etiquette is on re-posting a youtube link (I’m not trying for trackbacks). But you guys had to see this. I want to show it to every little girl and every woman ever. Because I’m pretty sure that we’ve all been held to absurd beauty standards, ever since people were people.

See Why We Have An Absolutely Ridiculous Standard of Beauty in Just 37 Seconds


Does it go without saying that we do NOT do this with our dress pics? I’ll say it anyway: our models are real and are not re-sculpted or changed, unless the photo needs fixing because it *didn’t* look like the real thing. Sometimes that happens; the angle of the dress or something is just off in a weird way and the photo looks wrong. We’ll fix that, because we want it to look right and accurate.

::still fuming::

I feel like this kitty:

Murderous Shaved Kitty

Oh, the indignity.

Stupid unrealistic beauty standards. I’ll bet they want us to buy make-up and cosmetic surgery to ‘fix’ the problems we supposedly have…


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