…of doing taxes. This is so totally not my favorite thing to do. You know how there’s this way of making every task an adventure? ::sigh:: Nope. Even I can’t push it that far. Lucky I only have to deal with this twice a year, with the big spreadsheet catchup happening only once a year. Which is about now, once all the tax documents are available.

Doing my own taxes is one of those DIY Sustainable things that I’m stubborn about. And yeah, I taught myself a bit of Excel to create the spreadsheet effect. I know that there are Quicken and other tax-flavored programs etc. available. Maybe I’ll get to them someday.

So here’s what I’ve been dealing with:

Conscious Elegance eco friendly wedding dress blogpost taxpic 1

A pile o’papers from a pouting paper pusher.

You can see the pattern I’m working on, right there too. Yes, those are bedsheets. I really do use them. And right now they are mocking me (it’s a mock-up, get it?) because I’d so much rather be working on a new pretty design than…paperwork. If I loved paperwork I’d be an accountant and would be making a helluvalot more money.

I tried to make the process more cheerful:

Conscious Elegance eco friendly wedding dress blogpost taxpic H750 2

Tripping to a taxing tune? There was limited success here.

No, it wasn’t working for me. So I brought out the Big Guns:


Conscious Elegance eco friendly wedding dress blogpost taxpic H750 3

Where does a Wild Thing sit? ANYWHERE HE WANTS TO.

Hellz yeah. This is what we needed. A Wild Thing to sit on the papers. Because of course he would. I’m pretty sure that all the Wild Things had names, but I’m not sure who this one is. Doesn’t matter. I feel much, much better with him on my side, keeping those papers in line.

I might need tea.


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