So, okay, the Lovesick Expo Wedding Show in Boston was totally cool. There was music and acrobats and circus performers (who turned out to be old friends of mine who I hadn’t seen in a while) and caterers of amazing food. And all manner of alternative wedding professionals. We are a fabulously motley crew.

Me? I showed up in a Merida costume I’d designed, complete with longbow. Like ya do.


Conscious Elegance eco wedding dress designer Lori dressed as Merida

Damn, it’s fun to carry an impressive longbow.

Backstory: there was an annual sci-fi/fantasy convention going on about a mile away from the wedding show, and I’ve been attending that con for years. They keep inviting me back to present/lecture/educate on subjects like costuming, altering patterns for different body types, starting a creative business, stuff like that. I get to go for free (always a good thing) and see people again every year and it’s fabulous. And this year, I’d decided to get into the cosplay as Merida. Totally a no-brainer choice. More on that in a future post.

At one point I found it necessary to discourage a would-be critic:

Conscious Elegance eco wedding dress designer Lori Del Genis cosplaying as Merida

Yeah. This was staged. Maybe.


So. I took time out from the sci-fi con to attend the Wedding Expo. After all, I’d been invited. And it was SO GREAT. So much coolness concentrated into one Artspace. Made me wish that I was getting married all over again (I’ve been married going on 9 years; that means it’s time to plan another wedding, right?). ¬†And in fact, another Bostonian friend of mine, who is getting married and planning her wedding this year, had showed up with her betrothed, who I finally got to meet. After re-asserting the requisite ‘You’d better keep my friend happy or I’ll come over and kick yer ass’ and being assured that I was far from the first to have issued that particular promise, we were fast buddies.

And meeting Ariel from Offbeat Bride (finally)!! Ariel is every bit as Awesome as she seems. I actually had to wait a minute to introduce myself because she was busy doing the charleston with some folks who were walking around on stilts. Because Ariel is totally the kind of person who would do the charleston with folks who were walking around on stilts.

I’ve been an ‘Offbeat Bride’ vendor for several years — I think that Ariel used the term, ‘Old Timer’ which was great — and I love love love what Ariel and her peeps have created. She’s given us non-mainstream folks a safe place to plot and scheme and find what works for us and our loved ones at what can be a very important and emotional time. What could be better?

Here we are!

Conscious Elegance eco wedding dress designer Lori Del Genis as Merida and Ariel Meadow Stallings from Offbeat Bride

Can’t you just SEE the fabulosity?

And besides the gorgeous, she’s just really neat. Even though we’d never met, she knew all about my business and remembered details about Conscious Elegance’s relationship with OBB that I’d forgotten. Seriously, that’s some amazing business chops. I could learn a lot from her. I already have.

::sends a big hug to Ariel and the rest of the OBB team::


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