We had a sustainable wedding dress in the American Textile History Museum! OMG!

The exhibit ran from April – August of last year (high wedding season, no?). Sadly, it was a temporary exhibition, but I got a lot of fun out of being a part of it. Here’s me at the exhibit reception, looking very proud:

Photo of Lori Del Genis with her design on exhibit at the American Textile History Museum

I even got a corsage

I admit it. I loved saying, “Hmm, yaaahs, the piece I have on exhibit at the museum…”. TOO MUCH FUN.

The dress in question was a sustainable design that I’d come up with to make a new and modern and wearable dress out of an old stained gown I found at the Salvation Army. For $35. ISYN. ┬áTurns out that sustainable and Traditional dressmaking is what the ATHM is all about. And they are totally the nicest folks ever. I came away feeling like I’d made some new friends.

In fact, they asked me to lecture to the public about sustainable wedding dress making. And their Official Photographer caught me on pixels:

Lori Del Genis lectures on sustainable wedding  dress making at the American Textile  History Museum

Is this not the Face of Squee?


Here’s a press release about the exhibition and my talk is mentioned in there later.

And if you want to see a bit of what I talked about, here’s a very informal recording of some of my talk about sustainable fabrics. Also seen on the ieee.org website, for some reason.


And I also talked about creating a sustainable wedding dress design:

Ok, the recordings were really informal. But the squee was totally real.

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