Hi. Welcome to my blog.

That’s kind of it.

(Ok, that’s not really it. This is my first actual professional blog, after years of writing personal stuff. Hello new social media. And I find that I’m not really jazzed about the idea of writing A PROFESSIONAL BLOG™ with all the Official Education and Showing People that I am an Authority in my Field blah-blah-dee-blah…I want to write blogposts that I’d read.

So yeah, I’ll talk about pretty pretty dresses sometimes. And I’ll do some how-to stuff. And rant about how mean or nasty or ugly or TACKY (in a bad way) that the world is. And I’ll throw in cute pictures that make me squee sometimes. Maybe lots of times; I like to squee.

Probably I’ll be doing this once a week or so; I don’t know too many people who have the time to write (or read) blogposts every day. There’s so much non-bloggy coolness in the world; I might just write an entire blogpost on what I did instead of writing a blogpost. A META SLACKER BLOGPOST. Someone has had to have done that before.

Oh, also? I’ve been kinda over the whole Facebook thing. I was never really into it anyway, but then they started requiring people to pay for their posts to be seen and I never knew who was seeing what when…Seriously? I can understand that everyone needs to make a buck. But isn’t that what advertising is for? Thus far, no one has explained this to me.

I’m wasting way more time having way more fun on Pinterest. If you want to follow me there, please do. Maybe I’ll find my way back to FB again. Sure, follow me on FB if you like. I’ll probably be posting there to let people know when there’s a new blogpost over here.)


Yes, that was just a blogpost that’s almost entirely a parenthetical phrase. I can do that. It’s my blog, I’ll parenthetical if I want to. And parenthetical is too a verb.

Here’s a photo to get us started (also shared on Facebook back when I was earnestly trying to work with it). Because this piccie makes me soooo happy every time I see it. And it’s what I want my wedding dresses and this blog to be about:

Joyous little lass dancing to her own tune.

This is me on the inside.

I’m going to go out and dance now. I hope that you guys will dance with me.

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